From left: Derral Reeve, education superintendent; Phil Robertson, executive secretary/treasurer; Lee-Roy Chacon, president; Jeff Metherell, estate planning/religious liberty/stewardship. 

Texico Conference Quadrennial Constituency Session
The Texico Conference held its 41st Quadrennial Constituency Session on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at the Albuquerque Heights Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where delegates met to elect officers for the 2017-2021 quadrennial term. In attendance were 301 regular delegates and delegates-at-large. The session's theme was "Celebrating God’s Goodness.” The following were elected to serve for the next four years: Lee-Roy Chacon, president; Phil Robertson, executive secretary/treasurer, Derral Reeve, Education Superintendent; and Jeff Metherell, estate planning/religious liberty/stewardship.

Prior to the opening of the session, the Organizing Committee met to nominate the Nominating Committee and the Constitution & Bylaws to present to the delegates for their approval once the Constituency Meeting was called to order. The morning began with a devotional message from Pastor Jorge Rico, Professor of Theology at Southwestern Adventist University who challenged the delegates to focus on the future while celebrating the blessings of the past. “My challenge to you constituents, leaders, delegates of your respective churches and institutions is to not dwell on past defeats and challenges but to focus on the victories and use those past challenges to grow and move forward.” Rico said.

Delegates voted to accept the Albuquerque La Roca Spanish Church into the sisterhood of churches officially changing their status from that of a company to a church.

The report from the administration was presented through a video that highlighted departmental ministry activities and evangelistic efforts that took place throughout the Texico Conference over the past four years. The video also featured commentary by Southwestern Union President, Larry Moore, Minner Labrador, Jr., Vice President for Ministries, at the Southwestern Union and Eduardo Canales, Vice President for evangelism at the Southwestern Union.
"It is always a privilege to serve the lord, with humbleness I commit myself wholeheartedly to the Lord’s task, to make sure God’s kingdom is enhanced here at the Texico Conference.”  Stated reelected President, Pastor Chacon.

Roderick D. H. Crowley, of General Conference Auditing Services (GCAS), presented the auditor's report, highlighting the excellent work by the treasury that resulted in a very positive audit opinion.

Ken Shaw, president of Southwestern Adventist University, gave an informative report about future plans for a new Nursing and Administration facility and mentioned that the Texico Conference is a big supporter of the university and was pleased to report that the university is in good standing financially and has seen many blessings in recent years.

Southwestern Union President Larry Moore stated that he felt the Spirit of the Lord had led throughout the session and asked Helvis Moody, Prayer Coordinator for the Southwestern Union to offer a special prayer of dedication for the officers and the Executive Committee. The constituency session adjourned at approximately 12:30 p.m.